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My first book is out now.......


Available at Amazon, Waterstones, WHSmith and more.


HIYA. I'm Nikki, a 36 year old outspoken New York obsessed writer from South Wales who absolutely adores writing and anything covered in glitter.


I am extremely passionate about anything I put my mind to, which can be

a huge pain for family and friends (soz huns)

Nikki J Writes is a personal blog all about me.

Jokes, sort of........

My highs, my lows, my rants, my admirations with some short stories thrown in.

You name it, I will have something to say about it. Bet you can't wait. 

My first book, It's a no from me hun

How to survive all the delightful, crazy shit life throws at you is available to purchase right now. Eeeppp!

Any questions slide into my inbox.

Let's jump right in.

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